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2021 Accessory Trends!

It’s time to talk 2021 trends! Here are some of my favorites! I linked some items so you can shop affordable options that will keep you on top of your fashion. Just click on the photo and it should take you to the link!

Logo Tights

From Gucci to Chanel, designers are selling hundred-dollar + tights that can spice up your outfit. You can find knock-offs on Amazon and elsewhere for under $20. Links below.

Fuzzy Bucket Hats

I’ve been seeing these EVERYWHERE. I think a lot of people are pulling them off and I’m all for it. I don’t think I personally would wear one, but it’s such a funky trend I stand behind.

Unique Pearls

Pearls have been in for awhile now from pearl hair clips to oversized pearl headbands (both of which I own). But now we are seeing a trend for natural-shaped pearls on every day jewelry. Luckily, I already have adorable pearl earrings that belonged to my grandmother but look like they could be found in a boutique today. Pic below! Also linking websites :)

My grandma's:

Super Duper Scrunchies

The scrunchy trend has been here for awhile now but now its taking form in giant, over-the-top hair ties. I love the pastel colors they come in and can’t wait to try to sew my own.

I made these!

Long Pendents

Again, I turned to my grandmother’s jewelry box for some items that fit this trend to a T. I think there is something romantic about long pendents. Excited to style these. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone, but that’s what fashion is all about! Pushing the envelope.

my grandma's :)

Satin Face Masks

I love this trend! Masks are now a daily part of our routine, so why not make it a fashion statement. Check out these on Etsy.

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