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Barcelona in 36 Hours

The third leg of our trip took us to Barcelona. Unfortunately, our time in Barcelona was limited as our flight was moved up. Instead of 3 days in the beautiful city, we were left with a mere day and a half to explore the beautiful area of Catalonia. Here are the places we visited all in one day! I hope to return to Spain after the pandemic to explore more of its beautiful history and culture.

Where to dine:

For strong coffee & sweet treats…

There is a cute coffee and dessert place that was walking distance from our hotel called Bubo. The coffee is strong and the pastries were exquisite. I couldn’t think of a more delightful way to start my morning than a cappuccino and flakey croissant.

For dinner with the locals…

There is this small restaurant near Bubo called Cal Pep, and I mean tiny. My mom and I ate dinner there for our only evening in Barcelona as everyone we met highly recommended it. The restaurant has no menu written in English so we just pointed at other patron's dishes to make our order. In fact, a lot of the menu isn't even written down. Just tell the chef what you want (it's an open kitchen layout), and they’ll make it right in front of you.

Where to stay:

Hotel Duquesa de Cardona was a lovely boutique hotel with generously sized rooms paired with eccentric art and fixtures. There is a modern bar on the first floor and a gorgeous pool area on the roof. I highly recommend staying here. It's walking distance from La Rambla, the central street in Barcelona. My mom and I spent our first few hours in Barcelona purusing the colorful shops along both sides of the street.

Where to visit:

The two touristy places my mom and I visited were Park Guell and Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. We decided to do a group tour that brought us through both locations. After the 5-hour tour, my mom & I wished we just went to each location without a tour group. We didn’t like having an hour break in the middle of the day for lunch when we had other activities we’d rather fill that time with, especially since our time was limited. If I were to do it again, I would just buy tickets to both attractions and walk through them at my own pace.

How to spend your evening:

We ended our night by watching a flamenco dance show. It was 100% authentic and prior to the show, some performers explained the history and technique behind flamenco dancing. This gave me a greater appreciation for the dancers’ skills and obvious passion. It was super entertaining and we were served a large glass of sangria. I could not complain.



Next stop: Casablanca!

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