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  • Brianna Giarraputo

Don't Spill the Tea... it's French!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A La Galerie is the most elegant tea lounge I’ve encountered. Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris is the type of experience I routinely daydream about in the middle of a Zoom class meeting. The smell of the sweet Earl Grey, the taste of decadent pastries, and the crunchiness of a fresh afternoon sandwich are a few of the mini memories that sink into my mind when I reminisce my time at A La Galerie.

The room is a treat in itself. The walls are decorated with 19th-century art and Flemish tapestries are thoughtfully hung on the far wall. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide an abundance of natural light which reflects off the giant vases toppling over with fuchsia roses. Large chandeliers hung above me on that perfect afternoon and exquisitely detailed carpets sat bellow my suede mules.

My mom and I divulged in the George V High Tea experience which included hors d’oervre, starters, pastries, and of course, tea. We started with mini lobster rolls, a smoked salmon waffle, and the most elegant avocado toast. From the bakery came a pink praline brioche, buckwheat and chocolate biscuits, and coffee religieuse. The pastries were equally as delightful, including a Sicilian candied citron tart, Hazelnut cookie, and French custard pie. Our waiter was extra sweet and treated us with a raspberry chocolate cake, and I mean an entire cake. We took the leftovers back to our hotel to munch on for a late-night snack. My piece of advice? When in Paris, indulge yourself!



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