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Introducing a New Yorker to Philadelphia

Last week, my best friend, Emma, visited me. Naturally, I had to show her around Philly. Here are some of the activities I planned for the Philly virgin.

1. Rittenhouse Square

My personal favorite area in the city is Rittenhouse. I love all the people with puppies sipping on capachinos at Parc. The fall foliage is so festive and the shopping is destined to bring you joy. I brought Emma to Rouge for drinks and appetizers. We shared a burrata and fried cauliflower. It was divine!

Then, we shopped. Emma and my favorite activities are as follows: food & fashion. We bought some cute tops and sale jumpsuits from Anthropologie and admired the beautiful structure of the building itself with stain glass windows and a giant fireplace.

2. Morgan’s Pier

Our evening ended at Morgan’s Pier. If you plan on going to the pier, be sure to make a reservation. We sat under a cute tree strung with lights overlooking the Ben Franklin Bridge. It was the perfect Philly view. Emma and I shared chips with onion dip for an app. Then we munched on sliders and lobster mac and cheese. We drank hot chocolate and coffee with a shot of Baileys. It was a great end to Emma’s first day in the City of Brotherly Love.

3. Apple Picking at Linvilla’s

We travelled half an hour outside the city to Linvilla’s Orchards. We were a little surprised that we had to pay $36 for a box of apples to go apple picking. There was no other price option, so keep this in mind if you plan on heading to the apple picking destination. We gathered probably 40 apples so it was well worth the money. Emma has never gone apple picking before so it was so fun watching her experience it for the first time. We took plenty of photos and brainstormed baked goods to make on the drive home.

Once we got back to my house, we baked a delicious apple pie.

4. The Fashion District

As you can gather, Emma & I are avid shoppers. We had to make a stop at the relatively new Philly Fashion District. We spent most of our time inside Francesca’s which was having a major sale. Collectively, we probably bought close to 15 pairs of earrings since they were each around $5. And it wouldn’t have been at proper trip to the mall if we didn’t get Auntie Anne’s prezels.

5. Dinner at the Moshulu

We spent our last night together eating at the Moshulu. The restaurant is on a giant boat right on the water. The food was spectacular. We had lobster bisque which had a spicy flair. Then we shared a gnocchi entrée. It was amazing, bursting with flavor. I sipped on a Mai Tai and when we got home, Emma & I baked pumpkin cheesecake. It was a fun night out.

6. Kelly Drive

I made sure I showed Emma Kelly Drive. She loves walks in Central Park so I felt that Kelly Drive/Fairmount Park is the Central Park of Philadelphia. She loved the Boat Houses and river.

7. Manayunk

I had to show Emma my college town. We walked up and down the street and landed on Winnie’s for brunch. It’s one of my favorite places to grab a bite.

It was a great trip and I’m so happy I was able to share more memories with my bbf. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel @ Emma Davidov. Here’s a link to her vlog on her week in Philly with me!



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