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  • Brianna Giarraputo

Is Brown the New Black?

Try googling that title and articles from Vogue, Who What Wear, and The Times UK try answering this very question.

So first, let’s define brown. I’m talking caramel, coffee, potato, tan, and every shade in between. That’s the beauty of brown – it comes in more shades than just “black.” Sure, there are shades of black (aka gray) but you never see anyone going around saying “I love that little gray dress.” It’s just not cute.

Brown has yet to have its own moment in the fashion industry and now it’s finally stealing the spot light. Some fashion experts attribute the rise of brown from trends of minimalism and natural beauty. We subconsciously associate brown with nature, simplicity and warmth.

So where are we seeing brown in the market?

I personally have seen a ton of micro-influencers take on the trend on their Instagram feed – myself included (although I don’t really consider myself an influencer lol). Most recently, I’ve enjoyed Rie Victoria Aoki’s take on a classic neutral suit (@rievictoriaaoki) and Estellie Francois Aliot’s trendy take on brown ‘fits (Estelle_aliot).

Rie Victoria Aoki in A Neutral Suit

Estelle Francois Aliot in a Brown Trendy Look

We can also turn to celebrities for this brown trend. All the Kardashians and Jenners have been seen on Instagram in tight brown pants or body suits. Kim Kardashian’s SKIMs line pays tribute to neutrals by offering intimates in skin color shades, all roughly within the brown-neutral category.

Kendall Jenner's Recent Insta Post

Skim Campaign

We’ve seen high fashion take on brown too. From Bottega Veneta to Jill Sander in their FW runway shows. Everyday companies like H&M and Everlane have quickly jumped onto this trend as well, offering affordable options for us everyday admirers.

Bottega Veneta F/W Runway Show

Everlane's New Potato Brown Pants

So, is brown the new black or is it just a trend that will leave us next year? I’d say that black will always be the classic choice, but I think it’s pretty bad ass partnering black and brown in the same ‘fit, like Gigi Hadid in the photo below. Partnering the two colors makes for a bold and beautiful colorway to spice up your look.



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