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  • Brianna Giarraputo

Let's Go to Paris

My adventure through Europe: Part 1

This past March I was blessed with a trip of a lifetime. Not only did I travel to Paris, Budapest, Barcelona, and Casablanca, I traveled to these magical locations with my best friend: my mom. I’ve decided to share some stories about my crazy adventures through Europe and Africa in hopes that you can travel there with me, figuratively, until it is safe to visit them once again.

Let me begin with my favorite place in the world: Paris. I traveled to Paris when I was in high school, but I was eager to make a return so I could visit all the fashion must-sees after completing a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and Management. Not only was it fitting, but it was also fabulous! My mom is (almost) as big a shopaholic as myself, so sending us to Paris with empty suitcases was a dangerous idea, one I am most grateful for. Among my favorite shopping experiences while in Paris, was our visit to the Louis Vuitton store in Place Vendôme. It was a short walk from our boutique hotel, Hotel Bachaumont (I’ll share more about the hotel and its charm in a bit). We spent over three hours in the three-level luxury store. My mom and I felt like princesses as we were treated like royals. Sales associates served us sparkling water and champagne. I tried on loafer heels from LV’s new collection which had been released during fashion week just a few days before. I was close to purchasing the loafers, but it was only our first day in Paris – I needed to save some of my budget for other fashion finds. My mom on the other hand left with a Speedy bag, wallet, and matching bracelet. She was due for a new bag – it had been over 20 years since she bought her first Louis. It was well deserved, considering that she willingly volunteered to take over 5 flights in ten days with me!

The hotel we lodged in, Hotel Bachaumont, was a charming building that was transformed from a hospital in the 1800's to a chic yet welcoming hotel. Although the rooms were tiny (it’s Paris – what can you expect!), the continental breakfast and superb service made up for the lack of square feet. This was no Holiday Inn stale bagels and three-day-old donuts breakfast. This was a feast for carb-loving, coffee-drinking tourists like my mom and me. Our daily cappuccinos and sweet leches were strong and satisfying, and the array of pastries made my belly smile. In the evening, the breakfast area turned into a hip bar scene that let off an air of wealth and tasteful fun. My mom and I had wine at the bar after a long day filled with shopping, stuffing our faces with French macarons, and sipping tea at George V Four Seasons. It was a tough life, but one I wouldn’t mind returning to.

I’ll share more about my experience including our trips to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Yves St. Laurent Museum, La Galerie Four Seasons tea party, Paris by Mouth food and wine tour, my favorite fashion finds, and dinner in front of the Effiel Tower at Café de I’homme.

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