• Brianna Giarraputo

Maine for the Holidays

The weekend before Christmas, my family and I piled into a Ford Expedition and took the 7-hour drive to Boothbay, Maine. My mom found a beautiful cabin to rent with four bedrooms and a breath-taking view. The long ride to the state was well-worth the time. The ground was over a foot-deep in snow and the trees glistened with snowflakes fluttering off them as the wind blew through their branches. Here are some of the highlights from the trip.

The Cabin

The cabin we stayed in was so cozy and comfortable. All six of us had plenty of space in the house for alone time while also enough space in the family room to play board games. The décor of the house was contemporary yet welcoming. I definitely recommend renting a cabin or staying in an inn over a hotel for a weekend get-away.

The Food

The food in Maine was amazing, especially the seafood. I had lobster at every restaurant we went to! Our first night I ate lobster with pasta at the Carriage House. The following day I munched on the most amazing lobster roll at a restaurant right on the water in town called Boat House Bistro: Tapas Bar & Restaurant. Breakfast at Mama D’s was also super tasty. She makes great desserts and hot chocolate that are sure to please any sweet tooth and warm up your frost-bit hands.

The Shopping

We took the Foot Bridge into town where most of the shops were still open. I found an adorable winter sweater at one of the boutiques and an antique ring from a quaint antique shop. We found interesting popcorn flavors from Unicorn Farts to Dog Paws at a specialty store and a bunch of knick-knacks at the local book store. In Boothbay Harbor, there were even free masks outside of storefronts and public restrooms.

The Hiking

The views in Maine were spectacular. On our ride home, we stopped in Kennebunk where we took a walk along the coast on a cliff overlooking the water. While in Boothbay, we bundled up and hiked in our backyard along with other local spots.

If you’re looking for a safe place to travel in the new year that is both relaxing and quiet, I highly recommend spending some time in Maine.



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