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  • Brianna Giarraputo

My Fav Quarantine Accessories & Such

1. Sea Shell Hair Clips

I’m absolutely obsessed with these adorable hair clips. They come in a set of three and each is so detailed and dainty. They are on clearance at White House Black Market for $9.99! WHBM has a ton of really cute hair accessories that are under $10, so check out their website for unique finds. Pick these clips up here.

2. Self Help Books

A book is a girl’s best accessory! I found myself averaging a book a month during quarantine. I set a timer for every night at 10pm that reminds me to get a cup of tea and cuddle up with a book in bed. It’s such a relaxing and productive practice to read before snoozing off. I loved each of the books photographed here and highly recommend a highlighter or pen to make notes in the margins. Check out Don’t Overthink it here, Feel the Fear here, and Untamed here.

3. White Nike Sneakers

I recently invested in a pair of Nikes’. After reading Phil Knight’s (the founder of Nike) autobiography Shoe Dog, I was inspired to make a purchase. I needed an everyday, white shoe and was looking for a plain design. I landed on these since they are easy to wipe down. Let’s be honest – white shoes are hard to keep white. I found them on Zappos for $49.98.

4. Kiss Nails

Instead of heading to the salon and spending $25-$35 for a manicure, I decided to stay home and avoid the two-week wait for an appointment. I’ve tried a few stick-on nail products, but Kiss is definitely my favorite brand. They offer very fun designs, but I love a classic Barbie pink nail. The matte finish and long length are great. I usually cut them down and shape them into a more manageable length. I bought these at CVS, but you can find them at Ulta for under $8.00.

5. Face Masks

I mean, duh! Facemasks are a must this fashion season. They are cute AND keep you protected – who doesn’t love that! My mom just bought these gingham masks with a plastic center so that others can see your mouth while speaking. I’m excited to test them out! Find them on Amazon.

6. Embroidery Sets

During quarantine, I started hand embroidery. I found a cute starter set on Etsy and am addicted to it. Embroidering is very detail-oriented yet strangely relaxing. I turn on a Netflix show, preferably the new season of Glow Up, and get stitching. Here’s a link to the embroidery set.

7. Cocktail Decorations

I think it’s a safe assumption that our alcohol intake during Covid has gone up a bit. I mean, High Noons are sold out everywhere down the Jersey shore. I like to spice up my champagne or rosé with playful cocktail decorations. Out with the old umbrellas, in with the flamingos! My mom found these on Amazon.

8. PD Paola Necklaces

I’m not a big jewelry person, but I love my ‘B’ necklace from Paola. It was a graduation gift from my parents, and I wear it regularly. I love the variety of gems and gold finish. The length is perfect and it goes with just about everything. Find your letter here.



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