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  • Brianna Giarraputo

Paris' Yves Saint Laurent Museum

The Yves Saint Laurent museum a must for fashion-lovers when in Paris. The museum is intimate in nature. The small rooms and hallways are painted black, a stark contrast to the black and white photographs matted white on the walls. The exhibit my mom and I walked through was on Betty Catroux & Yves Saint Laurent, titled “Feminin Singulier.” Catroux was YSL’s muse, partner, and friend. The exhibit told the complex story of their relationship from start to end. One of my favorite parts of the walk-through was a short film in which the now 75-year-old Betty Catroux recalls her time with Saint Laurent. Her blunt humor and French finesse left me smiling. Catroux to YSL is like Kaia Gerber to Karl Lagerfeld. She wore YSL on and off the runway. She was a walking billboard of the designer and I live for the edgy style she still carries today.

Another exciting part of the museum was the replication of YSL’s design studio. The rendering included his actual sketches and the room overflowed with fabric swatches, muslin suits, brilliant sequins, portfolios, and books.

If you want a taste of fashion history while in Paris that will only take no more than an hour, I highly recommend visiting the museum. When there, be sure to pick up one of the many books in the book store. I bought one on YSL and Marrakech. It was packed with beautiful images and stories. It wasn’t until he traveled to the beautiful Moroccan city that Saint Laurent incorporated color into his designs. He wrote “I was stunned when I saw Marrakech for the first time. Above all by its colours. This city opened my eyes to colour.”



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