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  • Brianna Giarraputo

Traveling In 2020

As many of us write down our goals and resolutions for the year ahead, let’s not forget to make travel one of our priorities. Travel allows us to learn new cultures, experience new concepts with the ones we hold dear to our hearts and make memories that last a lifetime. Don’t have a passport? No worries. There are plenty of places in the States. Here we listed four locations for any occasion that might pop up this year. These locations have plenty to offer for a sightseeing couple of days or a relaxed long weekend.

Miami//Naples, FL

For a weekend trip with the girls

If you are looking for a fun college reunion or Spring Break extravaganza, Miami is the place to go. The nightlife is unlike any I have experienced. You can find a hotel suitable for any budget and the white-sand beaches are undeniably relaxing. Is Miami too crazy for your taste? Drive a few hours across the state to the other coast into the town Naples. Naples is home to old money, beautiful beaches, and wonderful historic sites. Explore Fifth Avenue for five-star restaurants and shops. Sit at the Ritz’s beachfront Gumbo Lounge and watch the sunset in the cotton candy and sherbet sky while sipping a piña colada.

Savannah, GA

For a romantic escape

Savannah is home to some of the best bed and breakfasts. A perfect quiet getaway that does not require a ton of travel. The beautiful landscapes and charming lakes make for a serene backdrop for your romantic weekend. Shopping in downtown Savannah is comprised of small boutiques and cute cafes. A casual trip that is sure to melt away any stresses… at least for the weekend.

Nashville, TN

For a large group

Nashville is the ideal location for a group of old friends, a bunch of couples, or even families to travel. During the holiday season, there are Christmas shows and characters for the kids. Throughout the year, Broadway is home to some of the corkiest and coolest honky-tonks in the South. Shoe lover? Be sure to check out the cowboy boots, but be ready to drop a pretty penny for a name brand like Tony Lama. Southern comfort food will surely help absorb all your drinks in the most delicious of ways.

Scottsdale, AZ

For a self-care getaway

Need a self-care day? Turn it into a weekend trip for one to Scottsdale, Arizona. The warm weather is sure to brighten your mood and alleviate your stress. There are some great hotels in the area with even better spas. A massage, facial, or any other spa treatment paired with a steam room is sure to refresh your pretty self.

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